About GrumpyPants

Let me start with the simple stuff. I am a youngish married Christian woman just trying to figure out how I became an adult; but through it all I follow my God on the path He leads me. I was married in January 2008 to the most wonderful man, Donald. He loves the Lord and loves me, who could ask for more? We are living through the Honeymoon years, loving, arguing, crying, and laughing through it all. I am the mother of 2 precious little ones. Bruiser the 6lbs Maltese and Daisy the 60+ lbs Yellow Lab. Let's just say Daisy has a small, white, furry chew toy (sorry Bruiser). Oh, and no, I did not name Bruiser after that dang chihuahua on Legally Blonde.

And for the boring stuff, I have worked in health care administration for the past 6 years. I enjoy my work and work hard at it, but when the day is over, my family is all I am concerned with. I have an extremely blessed life. I have my ups and downs, but my God is with me through it all. There is nothing more I can ask for.

Now for the big question, Grumpy Pants? Yeah, I know. But it's my husband's nickname for me and it is well deserved. I was single until I was 28 and well, I got used to doing things my own way. Plus, I'm used to being the boss at work. So, that made it a bit tough to turn it all off once I got home. Basically, I get a little snippy when I ask for something to be done and it does not get done in my time frame. I know, very immature, but hey, I'm human. Well, let's just say Grumpy Pants rarely makes an appearance now, but I'm stuck with the name forever. So I thought I'd share it with the whole world.